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Finishing Skin Moisturizer


LUXURIOUSLY MOISTURIZE YOUR SKIN & ADD A GLOW TO YOUR COMPLEXION! Nourishing, rejuvenating and luxurious. The Finishing Skin Moisturizer is carefully infused with organic essential oils that all leave your skin feeling ultra-soft and hydrated. As soon as it's applied, you'll feel oils hydrating your skin, but the aromas will leave you smelling heavenly. Perfect for all skin types, including eczema and sensitive skin, and is best used after a bath or shower. Indulge yourself with our signature bath tea and then apply this moisturizer - The combo is unmatched. Great as a massage oil as well! Key Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil - Adds a 'glow' to your complexion and improves acne. Baobab Oil - Helps reduce skin redness, irritation and improves acne. Apricot Kernel Oil - Provides long-lasting moisture to your skin. Making it soft and smooth. Vitamin E - Promotes healthy skin health.

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