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About Us

Follow your passion and success will follow you


We strive to provide natural remedies that assist in healing the mind, body, and soul. Through essential oils, herbs and all natural products, we aid our customers in welcoming a holistic way of living.


I found myself battling with depression and anxiety.  In the state of being lost and sad with everything, it was becoming concerning. I refused to get on medication because of the side effects but I was willing to find a healthy and natural solution. I then came across essential oils and the benefits it provides for the body. A few drops of lavender on the feet, then adding a few drops to my baths I began to feel better mentally, spiritually, and physically. I knew then I was on a path to a healthy life style and it's time to share!

Our products are made of unique blends of essential oils and dried herbs for soaking in your bathtub.


When using essential oils they absorb through the skin into the body to help promote your well-being without the annoying side effects.


They are perfect for relaxing, mental clarity, and boosting the immune system. Treat you and your loved ones to a holistic way of living.

I really enjoyed my bath tea!!! Thank you for such a great product - Craft Savvy Market

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