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About Us

Follow your passion and success will follow you


We strive to provide natural remedies that assist in healing the mind, body, and soul. Through essential oils and dried herbs, we aid our customers in welcoming a holistic way of living.


Hello there! I'm Brittney. Growing up, my fondest memories included bubble baths and drinking hot tea. This simple, yet important combination assisted me with not only sleeping through the night, but with teaching me from an early age to appreciate natural remedies. As I grew older and learned more about essential oils and their natural power, I would think of those times; how wonderful a simple tea and a nice bath made me feel and I wanted others to feel that, too.

I started Tiny Tub, LLC because I wanted to share my experience and help people through easing their minds and bodies with my natural products. I decided to create a line of all-natural bath teas that would play a vital role in how people cared for themselves. 

My only hope is that when you and your loved ones use our bath teas, you feel as wonderful as these teas have made us feel. Tiny Tub is much more than a 'labor of love'. To us, Tiny Tub is an act of love. So treat yourself; mind and body.

- Brittney S, Founder & CEO



We carefully infuse dried herbs and essential oils into each of our products to ensure that when applied, oils are evenly absorbed onto the skin. 

Our cruelty-free formulas are simple, yet effective in promoting the body’s well-being without the annoying side effects.


Our company is rooted in providing healthy solutions that promote well-being, self-care, and stress relief for our customers.

I really enjoyed my bath tea!!! Thank you for such a great product - Craft Savvy Market

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