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Head Rest: Headache Relief


REFRESH YOUR MIND & FEEL COMPLETELY REJUVENATED! Heavenly-scented, transforming and nourishing. The Head Rest is infused with citrus and woody essential oils that are designed to relieve most headaches. As soon as the product is applied, you'll feel the essential oils gently soothing your mind and improving your mental state. Start your mornings off strong with the product, apply it gently during the day as a refresher, but it's also flawlessly used in the evening - shut everything off and just indulge. (The product is also perfect for hangover use) If you struggle with headaches, mental agony, or if you just want to enjoy your nights out. The Head Rest is for you. How to use? Gently apply the product onto your inner wrist and temples. Let the natural extracts take care of the rest. Key Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil - Boosts memory and brain health Copaiba EO - Anti-inflammatory and is used to create a calm environment (Research says that it has similar and even better benefits than CBD oil) Grapefruit EO - Helps to balance your mood and reduces stress.

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